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Rick and Morty Shoes

Rick-ognize Your Inner Schwifty with Rick and Morty Sneakers

Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty shoes exploded into a generation-defining animated masterpiece. The madcap misadventures of alcoholic genius Rick Sanchez and his hapless grandson Morty Smith resonate through nihilistic sci-fi brilliance. Their interdimensional hijinks attract obsessive fanbases worldwide thanks to darker yet heartwarming undertones.

Fashion inevitably answered the resounding pop culture demand for all things Rick and Morty. Sneaker collabs translate scenes, characters, and quotes from the series into wearable art. These shoes transform every kick into an outrageous cosmic journey. From burping Ricks to screaming Mortys, the animated irreverence springs vividly to life underfoot.

The blog explores the expanding realm of Rick and Morty sneakers available now. These extraterrestrial grails channel pure schwifty creativity while saluting an iconic TV show. Sporting the kicks signals instantly recognizable fandom while upgrading everyday style. Prepare for off-the-wall intergalactic drip.

rick and morty shoes

The Most Meta Collections from Foot Locker and Adult Swim

Foot Locker joined forces directly with Adult Swim to produce two meta series of official Rick and Morty kicks so far. Each collection celebrates quotable moments through hyper-detailed art and easter eggs oozing with in-universe references.

The first wave included takes on both protagonists. Rick’s signature UNO camo shoes depict the reflective-domed antihero mid-burp against a trippy backdrop of equations and creatures. Meanwhile, Morty’s frantic wide-eyed shrieks adorn soles amid a flurry of floating bodyparts and his cult catchphrase.

But the second collection unleashed outrageous sneaker concepts based on Rick’s Mulan sauce, snake civilization, and even the iconic giant cafeteria worker from the Rickshank Redemption episode. Additional deep cuts like Mr. Poopybutthole and Trover also manifested into eccentric footwear art.

Each pair incorporates metatextual details only hardcore fans would recognize. For instance, the Mulan Szechuan insoles recreate a scene from the premiere episode. Snake-themed kicks texture snakeskin patterns morphing into countless snake people. Even cotton laces embroider quotes in faux alien languages.

Adult Swim’s immense creative investment produces exclusive grails straight from the source. Buying the show’s sneakers literally puts the funniest interdimensional adventures at wearers’ feet.

rick and morty shoes

How Smaller Artists Channel Schwifty Madness

Official collaborations constitute just a fraction of the Rick & Morty kicks available now. Talented independent artists unleash mind-bending visions celebrating the series in custom releases of their own.

Streetwear mavens like Sierato print hyper-detailed scenery wraps across entire shoes. Sprawling panoramas featuring every character from the Council of Ricks to Bird Person manifest in lush clarity. Other artists sculpt or embroider key personalities in three dimensions.

Styles bounce between extraterrestrial fashion and sneakerhead grails too. Some use base sneaker shapes like Jordans, Air Forces, or Dunks as canvases for slick designs. More shrewdly surreal artisans construct shoes from scratch that resemble characters’ actual reptilian feet or Gazorpian anatomy.

Every bespoke creatives delights in tackling different series aspects too. Fan-favorite one-off scenes frequently inspire new custom sneakers. For instance, one artist rendered a pair resembling the giant testicle aliens from the cult Interdimensional Cable episode.

Others channel prominent quotable dialogue into graphic motifs or embroidery. The iconic “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub” catchphrase embellishes many colorful kicks. Novelties like Pickle Rick even get transformation makeovers. One design overhauls classic OVO Jordans with the alcoholic homunculus’ face and details.

Countless individual artistic visions expand Rick and Morty madness onto sneakers unbounded. Whether unapologetic comedy or provocative cosmic profundity inspires their craft, alternative creators manifest insanely creative takes.

rick and morty shoes

Going Retail with Clothed Brand Collaborations

Major apparel brands aim to cash in on Rick and Morty fever by licensing characters to launch athletic footwear collabs too. The snazzy output broadens accessibility beyond limited art releases into the mainstream streetwear realm.

Adidas teamed up to assemble brightly colored campus-style shoes straight from Interdimensional Cable. Mr. Meeseeks and his signature song “Existence is Pandemonium” inspired rows of eyeballs across matching apparel. Crisp Vectorian insignia plasters the heel counters for extra interdimensional branding. Clashing citrus, navy, green, and burgundy monochromatic colorways shout distinctively Rick-ish attitudes.

PUMA closely followed with a Basket Rick & Morty release starring the title characters. Their archetypal low-top sneaker shape recreates iconic exhibition footage featuring Morty sprinting from a toxic Rick belch. Fittingly toxic shades of slime green and deep blue alternate splashed over the full grain leather uppers. Extra debossed graphic details stamp the back counters and insoles visualizing storyboards and concept art.

Other debuts include cool abstract takes too. The Nike SB Dunk Low “Goo” colorway sees the classic skate shoes coated in splatters resembling acid leaking everywhere. Insanely vibrant green, yellow, pink, and orange hues mirror the extremely toxic goo spilled across dimensions in later episodes.

Licensed retail releases democratize the stylistic tributes for mainstream fans. Wearing the iconic Meeseeks or Gazorpian designs promotes instant visual allegiance. More exclusive collaborations may satiate deeper collectors, but branded athleticwear gives everyone opportunities to rep their show support while scoring dope kicks.

rick and morty shoes


Rick and Morty sneakers drip pure runaway sci-fi charisma everywhere they step. The outlandish character aesthetics and dark comedy translate shockingly well into wearable sneaker art with infinite dimensions of visual appeal.

Direct Foot Locker partnerships with Adult Swim generate the most canonically credentialed shoes possible. Every stitch pays respect to iconic show moments. Characters like Rick and Mr. Poopybutthole manifest vibrantly underfoot alongside verbatim quotes and references.

Meanwhile, independent custom creators channel their individual schwifty obsessions into surreal handmade kicks too. The handstyles range from simple graphic prints to ultra-elaborate hand-sculpted shapes and textures. These avant-garde works commemorate deeper cuts outside mainstream popularity.

Mass-produced collaborations with major athletic brands bridge the accessibility gap for mainstream fans too. Coveted Adidas, PUMA, and Nike lines display choice symbols and imagery from the multiverse across sleek recognizable silhouettes. They enable everyone to suit up for Interdimensional adventures in streetwear grails.

Whether deeply obscure or widely-circulated, every pair of Rick and Morty sneakers establishes an undeniable Rick-and-Morty aesthetic. Their vibrant colors and psychedelic graphics manifest unapologetic animated humor into apparel appropriate for any planet. The shoes declare to everyone – their owners get infinite cosmic jokes nobody else understands.



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